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Precious Moments accepts children from 4 weeks to 5 years of age. We also provide after school care for children of all ages.

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About Us: Activities

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Field Trips

Children three years of age and older are taken on fun field trips. Parents will always be notified two weeks in advance of the field trip. Parents must sign a permission slip and dress their child in a Precious Moments shirt in order for the child to accompany the class on the outing. All children will wear seat belts and are safely loaded and unloaded from curbside only.

Children having discipline problems will not be allowed to participate in field trips. The teacher's total attention must be on all the children, not just one child who is being disruptive. Please talk with your child about being on their best behavior and staying with the group. Parents are welcome to travel with their child(ren).

Religious Activities

A Christian environment will be reinforced through stories, music, art, prayer and an incorporation of Christian values through the general routine of class activities. Increased spiritual awareness will be fostered with an emphasis on God's love and care for each of us.


Outdoor play is essential to the healthy development of children. We have outstanding playgrounds fenced in for safety. Your child will go outside daily, except under extreme weather conditions. Please make sure that he or she is dressed appropriately for each season.

Nap Time

Our center naps between 12:00 and 2:30 each day. Parents are not allowed to drop-off children during this time each day because it disturbs the other children resting in the classroom.

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