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Precious Moments accepts children from 4 weeks to 5 years of age. We also provide after school care for children of all ages.

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About Us: Tuition

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  • Weekly Tuition is due each Monday morning in advance of the childcare provided.
  • Monthly tuition is due on the first of each month in advance of the childcare provided.
  • Two Weeks tuition is due on the 1st and 15th of each month in advance of the childcare provided.

Tuition Policy

Tuition is due each week your child is enrolled in our center whether present or absent. Tuition is due each Monday. A late fee of $25 weekly is charged to each account with a balance on Tuesday afternoon. Childcare service will be interrupted for accounts with a balance on Wednesday mornings. All tuition must be paid by checks and money orders. A service fee of $40 will be charged for returned checks. Money order will be required as payment on all future payments after a check has been returned.

Late Pick-up

There is a $15 late pick-up charge after 9 hours and $1 after each additional minute. If additional hours are needed, please inform the CEO. The fee goes directly to the staff member waiting with your child. Our office clock is the official time clock. The person picking up your child will be required to sign a late-release form before leaving. If child is not pick-up by schedule time, the police department and DHS will be notified to pick your child up within 1 hour.

Two Week Withdrawal Notice

A two week notice is required prior to withdrawal of a child from the center, for any reason. If a notice cannot be given and two week fees are not paid, charges will be filed and you will be responsible for all court charges.

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